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Bristol's most enthusiastic folk chat show is back with Andrew talking to himself about Luke Jackson, Martyn Joseph, Chris Wood, Gaz Brookfield and Blackbeard's Tea Party

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A longer than intended pause

Episode 46: Another Intermission, During Which The Folk Buddies Continue To Talk About Johnny Cash's Songs.

The Folk Buddies are emotionally drained because "Walk the Line" is such a moving film and also whisky. So they carry on talking about Johnny Cash's songs. Andrew like the one about great military defeats; Clarrie likes the one about sweet shops; but oddly enough they both like the one about hangovers.

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Episode 45: Folk Buddies Folk Film Festival part 2

The Folk Buddies leave their guns at home as they walk the line into a burning ring of fire and watch two movies about the life of Johnny Cash -- "Walk the Line" (the serious one) and "Walk Hard" (the funny one.) No one does the joke about Bob Hope and Steve Jobs.

Episode 44: Intermission

Folk Buddies film festival.

There now follows an intermission during which ice-cream, popcorn, hotdogs and red wine can be purchased.

Also, Andrew reviews some gigs, and reveals his folkiest moment of the year so far.
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Some of the brilliant songs we are talking about

Episode 43: Folk Film Festival I

The Folkbuddies decide to spend a few weeks reviewing their collection of folk-theme movies. This week they are watch History of Future Folk, Morris: A Life With Bells on, and A Mighty Wind.

Red wine becomes involved.

Episode 42: Up with The Thackrays

Dogs; cats; bulls; blacksmiths; bantam cocks; lady's bottoms and Jesus.

All bickering is suspended as Andrew and Clarrie talk about Jake Thackray: the best, the very best of all English poet singers.

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Episode 40: The Monty Awards

The Montpelier Stations Awards: the best folkie moments of 2013, selected by a panel of judge, chosen from a shortlist of bloggers and podcasters living in big pink houses near Montpelier Station.

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Some of the music we are chatting about

Episode 39 - Back to the Future 2

It is still 2015.

Andrew and Clarrie are still listening to last year's stack of CDs.

They unexpectedly agree about Maz O'Connor, and predictably agree about Martin and Eliza Carthy, Bellowhead, and O'Hooley and Tidow.

They say they aren't going to have the same argument about Luke Jackson all over again, and then do.

Andrew says "Hang on..." too often.


Episode 38 - Folk No Buddies 2

Andrew is by himself again, chatting about all the great music he has been listening to. By himself.

CAUTION: May contain poetry
CAUTION: May also contain penguins.

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Episode 37: Folk No Buddies

Andrew has been listening to Calico Jack, Ushti Baba, a big celebration of Bob Copper at Cecil Sharp House, and some youngster named Luke Jackson. Clarrie is not here, so he gets to pontificate without interruptions.

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Episode 36: Back to the Future

It is the year 2015 AD. Two Folk Buddies take off their space helmets, jump out of their jet cars, switch off their personal communication devices, and look back on some of the music they were listening to in 2014.

They fail to reach a consensus on bands such as The Firepit Collective, Ushti Baba, Two White Cranes, the Buffalo Skinners and Sid Goldsmith and Jimmy Aldridge.

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Episode 35: It's a Cliche To Be Cynical At Christmas

Mulled wine; mulled cider; kittens; mince pies in the shape of Christmas trees; terrible, terrible  Christmas records: these are a few of the Folkbuddies favourite things.

Caution: May contain singing.

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Playlist: Naughty

Playlist: Nice

Episode 34: The Folk Event of the Year

The Folk Buddies have been to some gigs. They talk about them.

PLUS: Andrew's nephew attempts to explain Mumford and Sons to him. 

Episode 33: Halloween II

The Folk Buddies continue their autumnal debate on Fairy Tales. They consider invisible child murderers who walk through walls and ghosts come back from out at sea to take their brides away from a house carpenters. There is an unprecedented outbreak of consensus when they turn their attention to contemporary bands like the Emily Portman Trio and Heg and the Wolf Chorus.

Episode 31: A Land's A Land For Aw That...?

Is a man a man for all that? Will friendship and honour flourish on both sides the tweed? Is it awfu' strange strange to look at the world through a young laddie's eyes? Is it, or is it not, appropriate to shove your granny off the bus? Will Andrew and Clarrie get right through their celebration of Scottish Independence without making a single joke about deep fried Mars Bars?

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Playlist of songs

Thanks to http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ for sound effects.

Episode 30: Rags and Old Iron II

Californian wine; Old Time Radio; 1970s soft dinks; Chaucer; Hipsters and Hats.

We've been told our digressions are the best bit; so here's a special minisode of digressions rescued from the cutting room floor.

Back to normal next week. Possibly.

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Episode 29: Folkbattles Trilogy Episode III

It's the middle of the night. There are still nine songs to get through. Is Australia big or small? What is the best song ever written about anything, ever? Did Half-Man Half-Biscuit ever write a night-visiting ballad? Will the Folk Buddies reach a consensus on what they mean by "folk music"?

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Episode 28: Folkbattles Trilogy Episode II

It's one in the morning. We're less than half way through our play lists. Andrew has already said "But I wouldn't call it folk music" five times. And the next song on Clarrie's list is Belle and Sebastian. What could go wrong.

Also: Unicorns.

Trigger warning: Discussion of sexual assaults.

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Episode 27: Folkbattles Trilogy Part I

Andrew chose some songs he thought Clarrie might not know; Clarrie picked some songs she thought Andrew might not know; they opened a bottle of Guinness, and waited to see what would happen.

This is what happened.

Thanks to http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ for sound effects.

Episode 26: Trowbridge Village Pump Folk Festival 2014

It's long! It's incoherent! It's just like being there!

Andrew is in the marquee, getting angry about a spoof country and western band, over excited by Show of Hands and gushy about Martin Carthy. Clarrie is outside the marquee, actually enjoying herself.

Introducing: Opera Buddy.

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Play List

Thanks to http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ for sound effects.

Episode 25: Anniversary Special

We've been doing this, whatever "this" is, for a year now. In this episode, "this" is arguing about the hyper-traditional Tommy McCarthy; the slightly-to-the-left of center Anti-Capitalist Roadshow; and casting our eyes back over the definitely northern 2014 Black Swan Folk Weekend.

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Episode 24: Glastonbury 2014

Andrew goes to Glastonbury; listens to Yoko Ono, Metallica and Dolly Parton; gets lost; gets rained on and discusses public nudity with strangers at the bus stop. Also: Blackbeard's Tea Party.

Episode 23: Arrrr....You have a woman's podcast!

We're sitting round Clarrie's kitchen table, (heave away, haul away) listening to Andrew's extensive collection of maritime songs, (we'll haul away to Johnny-oh,) and reviewing some new CDs by nautically themed bands, (heave away, haul away), like Blackbeard's Tea Party, Chris Ricketts, and the Sail Pattern, (heave away, haul away, we're bound for South Australia. Oy!)

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Purchase Andrew's card game "Once Upon a Time", which has an official nautically themed expansion set.

Episode 22: Black Swan Folk Weekend 2013

Now then! Andrew is heading to the fair city of York to attend the 2014 Black Swan Folk Weekend, so we thought it was about time we delved into the archives and listened to his review of the 2013 Black Swan Folk Weekend. See you there?

Episode 21: Roots

Following on directly from their St George's Day episode, the Folkbuddies "have a massive row about Roots" (*) But in an entertaining way.

(*) Which is a folk song by Show of Hands

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Episode 20: Bristol Folk Festival

It's May Day. The Folkbuddies are joined by Richard Lambert and Tim the Roadie ignore the gigantic water slide and instead spend the weekend at Bristol's third folk festival. They are amazed by Fairport Convention's musicianship; Jim Moray's Morris Dancing; and Lucy Ward's hair. (Plus: "What exactly is a bhangra, your honour?" )


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Episode 19: St George's Day Special

It's St George's Day, so the Folkbuddies are drinking tea, eating crumpets, queuing, apologizing and having a a jolly spiffing chinwag about patriotism and English folk music.

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Episode 18: Folk Odyssey

In March, Andrew managed to go to eight gigs (*) in ten days. Clarrie couldn't prevent him from talking about them.

WARNING: May contain Steve.

(*) Faustus, Gilmore and Roberts, Megson, Firepit Collective, Bristol indyfolk; Tom Paxton; O'Hooley and Tidow' Alasdair Roberts. Plus -- a backwards glance to Luke Jackson's January album launch. 

Episode 17: Woody Guthrie

The Folkbuddies keep being rendered speechless by one of the all-time giants of American folk music. Andrew plays the ukulele.

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Episode 16: Robin Hood and the Three Sugar Loaves

A blast from the past...and unpublished recording from the vaults...painstakingly reconstructed from Clarrie's hard-drive by certified Apple Geniuses after her kittens did whatever they did to it [Get on with it]. If you listened to the Monty Award, you'll know that Andrew and Clarrie selected a tiny gig at the Three Sugar Loaves as our Most Special Gig of 2013. This is what they said about it at the time. Will either of them be able to remember who wrote "Oh Susannah!"? (Clue - No.)

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Episode 15: The 2013 Monty Awards

The Montpelier Stations Awards: the best folkie moments of 2013, selected by a panel of judge, chosen from a shortlist of bloggers living in big pink houses near Montpelier Station. For the first time these prestigious awards are transmitted live from, er, a different big pink house near Montpelier Station.

Episode 14: Christmas Eve Special

What is the worst Christmas song ever? What is the best? Will the folkbuddies put their bickering to one side in the name of seasonal goodwill?

Episode 13: I Predict A Riot

While Clarrie is preoccupied with her new kittens (aww), Andrew has been listening to folk music in the cafes and bars of Bristol's legendary Bohemian quarter.

Episode 12: Hallowe'en Special

Andrew has seen the Wicker Man, which is Clarrie's favourite movie. Andrew and Clarrie have been to see the Bright Phoebus Revisited concert. They bicker about them.


Episode 11: Podcast Recorded in May

Alasdair Roberts sings songs and sterile rams and simulacra. Bob Fox sings songs about big lasses from Gateshead who like beer. Andrew and Clarrie have been listening to both of them.



Episode 10: Rags and Old Iron

A traditional British clip show, with interesting bits and pieces that got left on the kitchen floor during our first wave of pod casts. Opera, Martin Carthy, and ukuleles are all mentioned, though not necessarily in that order.


Episode 9: Trowbridge Folk Festival

Andrew, Clarrie and Tim the Roadie, live from an alternately hot and wet Trowbridge Village Pump Festival. Which artist made Andrew blub? Which group is Clarrie uncomfortable about liking? Did anyone understand Andrew's breakfast based joke? And how do you pronounce "chorale"?


Episode 8: Folk by the Oak

Clarrie is indisposed, so Andrew succeeds in bickering with himself about the one-day Folk by the Oak festival in leafy Hertfordshire. Normal service resumes next week, for sufficiently low values of "normal".


Episode 7: We Are Not the Same

In which Andrew tries to persuade Clarrie that she is wrong about Luke Jackson, and everything degenerates into bickering again. Also: Highwaymen.


Episode 6: Priddy Festival

A short "as live" minisode looking back on the very hot Priddy Folk Festival. Did Jesus visit the Queen Victoria? What is a sheep hurdle? And what did Andrew think is possibly the best set he's heard this year so far?


Episode 5: Cold Haily Rainy Night

Andrew and Clarrie review Chris Wood's concert at St George's Bristol back in May. And by"review" we mean "bicker about paganism and phone sex", obviously.

Episode 4: Glastonbury Special

Andrew listens to the Mumford and Sons, two men playing John Barleycorn on a guitar, and some group called The Rolling Stones.

Listen to full version.

Listen to Andrew's audio diary on its own.

Episode 3: The Hanging Judge

Andrew meanders around his weekend at the Trinity Folk Festival in Guildford.

Episode 1: Whisky is the Life of Man

In which we are introduced to Andrew, Clarrie and some beer, and the podcasts begin. (Caution: May include a review of a June Tabor gig, and several acts we heard at the Canteen.)